Alternative Bitmaps!

Ok, Itīs a really great game, but the graphics could have been given a little more thought. Those crappy pictures are starting to bug me out...

Donīt worry! Captain SloMo has got a little something for you. On this page, I have put up replacement Bitmaps for Winplan. Just download the packs by clicking on your selection. Unzip and place in winplan\bmps\ directory. Done.

This will greatly improve the feeling and atmosphere of the game!

Click on the logo to download replacement pack for the respective race.

Fed (Solar Federation) Pack - 138K Lizard (Gorn) Pack - 101K Bird Men (Romulan) Pack - 129K

Fascist (Klingon) Pack - 115K Privateer (Orion Pirates, or The Ferengi) Pack - 140K Cyborg Pack - 99K

Crystalline (Tholian) Pack - 103K Evil Empire (Galactic Empire) Pack - 102K Robot (Cylon) Pack - 92K

Rebel Pack - 123K Colonies of Man Pack - 126K


New alternative bitmaps! Click the nasty Klingon!

New Alternative Bitmaps!

Logos and Pictures for all races - 142K Common ships and transports for all races. Also Starbases and stuff. - 231K Planets. Very nice. - 722K

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