3x3 TeamGame at Wolf 359

This was the first game Mercenaries 1776 played in...

Three teams of 3 players
Team 1 (Team ECN Elite) - Sector 1
 Rebels (Kzin), Colonies of Man (Arkto), Cyborg (Delphidia)
Team 2 (Mercenaries 1776) - Sector 2
 Robots (Centouria), Solar Federation (Cumo), Birdmen (Hallone)
Team 3 (Chameleons) - Sector 3
Crystalline (Honda), Lizards (Colony10), Facists (Jaws 3D)
All HOST settings are default EXCEPT - NO Cyborg Chunnel .The VGAP campaign editor will be used prior to turn 1 to place 100,000 credits, 20,000 supplies and 20,000 of each mineral on each homeworld. This is to be a fast strategic game, not an exercise in building economies. Players will start with no free ships. The game will run for a maximum 60 turns.
Game objectives, in order of precedence. (ie: if conditions 1 and 2 occur in the same turn, condition 1 takes pcecedence)
1. A team wins the game by having a total of 50 planets more than the team with the second highest planet count.
2. A team wins if they destroy 1 enemy homeworld from BOTH enemy teams.
3. A team wins if the other 2 teams run away. (resigns)
4. If no result by turn 60, highest planetary count wins.
How we're doing:
Turn 1:
 ATTENTION MERCENARY COMMANDERS, Start building queue for immidiate takeover of current galaxy, priority RED on all projects, Alien Alert, our Long Range Sensors has found Alien Activity in present Galaxy. We have discovered dirty Rebels, coward-Crytallines, filthy Cyborgs-outcasts, stupid Colonials, angry militant Marxistic Facists and U.G.L.Y. Lizards. Start extermination program immideately. We will keep you updated on enemy activity. //Birdman President
Turn 2:
Load freighters and prepare for colonization efforts in immidiate vincinity. Power up starbase defences. Start research on heavy battleships and carriers. Develop Cloak technology. //Birdman President
Turn 3:
Robot bioscanners reporting plenty of colonizable planets, aim for native worlds... Initiate Backup systems in case of enemy HYP-ships entering territory...
Turn 4-7:
Factory reports Golem construction complete. Ordering more to come..Swift-Heart Production-queue initiated. ORDERS: Infiltrate enemy territory, destroy everthing, steal anything, kill anyone. Preparing Minefield-operations, Powering up Super-freighter to expand production capability. Preparing for heavy expansion and Loki - Defence system. Powering up minelayers.
Turn 8-10:
Producing Large Battleships, preparing soldiers and pilots for the conflict that is unevitable. Also scouting space, and activating long-range scanners to search for enemy ships. Yet no ships in sight, but we are confident that we will soon receive the first signs of the other races. The truth is out there. Currently we have 30 planets while the others have 34 and 43.. Those planets must be rather shitty.. It's not economical to colonize bad planets... We will save that until later... We feel confident and our pilots are prepared for their destiny, good or bad..
Turn 11-14
We have picked up the first sign of that we are not alone in this galaxy. A Facist D7 Coldpain was sighted on turn 13 by the Royal Robotic Starfleet. The Facist starship appeared to have dropped out of cloak, the captain of the vessel probably thought that no enemy ships was close enough to spot him. On turn 14 the captain understood his underestimation of the enemy and cloaked again. Now we know that they're out there. Yet, we have picked up no signs of the Colonies or the Cyborgs. Maybe they're saving up for a full attack?!? If they do, we will be prepared..
Turn 15-16
The Colonies have approached the southern parts of our space with a Tranq and Several Virgos. They will all meet a cruel death, but they don't know it yet. He also offered an alliance that he managed to break before the offer even got to the Mercenaries headquarters. Our Scanners have picked up 5 Virgos heading for the glorious Birdman Homeworld. Appropriate measures of defence will be developed. Robot scouts has also reported Crystalline Battleships heading towards Mercenary territory, minesweapers are warping into sector to avoid unnecessary fuel-loss..
Turn 17-19
The Robot has run into some heavy Crystalline minefields, and has laid mines of himself to counter the Facist and Lizard Cloakers. So far a Coldpain has exploded and a Emerald has taken a minehit damage. Sweepers are moving into the territory to sweep mines. On the Southern frontier, the Colonials are advancing fast against the mighty Birdman homeworld.. The only battle so far has ended with a destroyed Darkwing for the Birdmen, and one Virgo and one Tranquility for the Colonials. At least 7 more Virgos are moving into the area, awaiting certain destruction. Birdman defences has now been reinforced, and we have no reason to belive that the Colonials ever will make it to our homeworld. //Birdman President
Turn 20-23
We have seen a few battles on the southern Front. Unfortunately, a mistake by a Mercenary Leutenant, lost us 2 Darkwings to a colonial Virgo. The leutenant has been sent to the spacemines up north to serve his sentence. The famous Mandorian Bounty-Hunter, Bobba Fett, has seized control over the southern armed forces, to make sure that no mistakes will be made in the future. His ship, Slave 1, will be used as mobile HQ for the joint forces of the Birdmen, Robots and Federation. On turn 23, we spotted 3 Virgos and 2 Cygnuses that suddenly came into range for out battlefleet. The Admirals are consolidating.. Shall we attack or not?! Only time will tell. On the eastern front, a Golem and a Cat is trapped inside a heavy mine-field, but they've got rather much fuel at this time, and reinforcements are on their way. Stay in there boys, we're coming for ya! So far, only one thing is 100% Sure.. We will rule the galaxy, the question is only when.
Turn 24-25
The Virgos and Cygnuses on the Souther front is dealt with for now.. Our cloaked Resolutes lais a minefiels of immense caliber, that even the mighty Colonials couldn't sweep.. The result: 8 minehits, including one kill (a poor Cygnus).. Now we will soon go on offence, and chase them out of our universe, and into another dimension. On the Eastern front the Crystalline Webs are starting to clear. We will soon be able to rescue our ships that are still in Chameleon space. We will soon restore peace and order in the galaxy. Planets on turn 25: Mercs - 137, Chams - 105, Elite - 141, Unowned - 113
Turn 26-29
On the eastern front, we are using Falcons (thank you rebels) to refuel the Golems that are still stuck in webs.. Our minesweeping capability is improving every turn, soon we will be able to continue East. Down at the Birdmen's we've had a small fight, where we Lost 2 Darkwings, and killed 2 Virgos.. Nice trade, but due to a misunderstanding, we lost another Darkwing the same turn... A few Cyborg Biocides are also closing in on our homeworld, maybe they also want to die young.. Cyborgs has never been known to be smart ;-) A few more Virgos has also moved up, so right now we have a total of 6 Virgos in orbit over Betelgeuse.. That's a lot.. But, you guys don't know how many Golems WE have ;-) By the way, the Crystalline snatched a Robotic freighter.. They're gonna pay for that one! Planets: Mercs - 138, Chams - 117, Elite - 154
Turn 30-33
On the southern front, those Virgos are retreating, and some Cobols and Cygnuses are harassing our border planets.. Our generals are a bit confused.. Are the Colonies even more wimpy than we suspected?!?
Turn 34
KABOOM! The Southern team declare themselves winners, due to 60 more planets than the second team (Mercenaries!).... We never saw it coming, our intelligence officer has been fired (in an escape-pod with only 1 hr of oxhygene left...).....
Mercenaries placed 2:nd of 2 teams...

Congratulations, Wayne, and your teammates!
ESPECIALLY to ED (St Louis, USA) who played the Colonies...I hate the word "SuperNOVA"...
(To all others.. Wayne was NOT the one playing colonies, but he did host the game....   ;-)

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