3x3 TeamGame at Wolf 359 - Part II, the Saga continues...

This game is the second game Mercenaries 1776 plays in...

Three teams of 3 players
Team 1 (Mercenaries) - Sector 1
Facists (Arkto), Empire (Delphidia), Colonies of Man (Kzin),
Team 2 (Chameleons) - Sector 2
Lizards (Cumo), Federation (Centouria), Rebels (Hallone)
Team 3 (Wolf 359 Elite) - Sector 3
Crystalline (Honda), Cyborg (Colony10), Robots (Jaws 3D)
All HOST settings are default EXCEPT - NO Cyborg Chunnel .The VGAP campaign editor will be used prior to turn 1 to place 100,000 credits, 20,000 supplies and 20,000 of each mineral on each homeworld. This is to be a fast strategic game, not an exercise in building economies. Players will start with no free ships. The game will run for a maximum 60 turns.
Game objectives, in order of precedence. (ie: if conditions 1 and 2 occur in the same turn, condition 1 takes pcecedence)
1. A team wins the game by having a total of 60 planets more than the team with the second highest planet count.
2. A team wins if they destroy 1 enemy homeworld from BOTH enemy teams.
3. A team wins if the other 2 teams run away. (resigns)
4. If no result by turn 60, highest planetary count wins.
How we're doing:
Turn 1 - Darth Vaders starlog:
 ATTENTION MERCENARY COMMANDERS, Start building queue for immidiate takeover of current galaxy, priority RED on all projects, Alien Alert, our Long Range Sensors has found Alien Activity in present Galaxy. We have discovered dirty Rebels, coward-Crytallines, filthy Cyborgs-outcasts, stupid Federation schoolboys, Bucket-headed Robots and U.G.L.Y.`Lizards. Start extermination program immideately. We will keep you updated on enemy activity. //Lord Vader
Turn 10:
Base set-up is proceeding according to battle-plans. The Death-Star factories are currently in status green, producing at twice the normal rate. No contact of the enemy yet. Facists preparing infiltration teams.
Turn 15:
Our famous "native protector" VIRGO   has left it's dock to help protect our natives against mean Cyborgs  trying to assimilate the precious natives. It's en-route to the Eastern star cluster, where Cyborgs has been seen trying to change friendly bovinoids to mean monsters! 
Turn 20: 
We've experienced some internal troubles.. A facist fraction of Host-Friendly militia  took control of the Facist empire for 3 turns, and thus halted production. We have taken proper action and executed all of the terrorists (that means 2,3 million colonists..) But our infamous leader, Chris, is again in control of his Empire... We grief the 2 entire Spaceship-crews that had to pay for this minor incident with their lives. We will make sure that a tragedy like this never happens again.. On the eastern/central side, everything is calm, this far.. We've had a few skirmishes between scouts and planets, but no major battles has been fought to this date.
Turn 25
Admiral Chris of the Facists is (step by step) regaining control over his empire. The procedure has not been as smooth as we had wished for, but after turn 25 we will be back in business.. The ShipLimit was reached on turn 24, and the ship-count is as follows (all ships): Chameleons 241, Mercenaries 137, Wolf 122. Planetary count: Chameleons 169, Mercenaries 152, Wolf 115. The southwestern team -  The Chameleons - has grabbed almost half of the ship-slots, which we will  have to take back by using brutal force. That force is on it's way from both of the other teams, as far as our emperial scouts can tell. Now begins the real clash of steel. //Vader 
Turn 35:
The battles have begun. Mercs has passed the Chameleons in the planet-count and are in the lead. We have lost several Gorbies to Rebel Rushes, but they are soon running out of them (hopefully). On the Facist/Rebel border, Chris is advancing after an initial loss. He has received carrier reinforcements to complete his battlefleets. Basti (colonials) are doing fine against both the Cyborgs and the Robots!
Turn 43:
Scores (planets): Mercs: 185, Chams: 144, Wolf: 150. This means that with 17 turns left, we have a lead by 35 planets! But we feel the wolves snapping at our heels. The other teams will not let us win without a BIG fight. Only time can tell how this game will end, but we seem to have a fair chance this time. The rebels has found a breach in the Evil Empire defences, and they managed to get 3 Rushed through. We have eliminated 2 of them (at a cost of 3 Gorbies) but one of them is still within our defence-lines and is harassing our civilians. That problem will soon be taken care of. The small rebel colonies in the SW corner of them map are annoying, so they will also soon be removed by Facist Police-forces. On the eastern side, a combined Robot/Cyborg taskforce are approaching Empire space. Colonies has dispatched a few ships to help the Empire take them out. Oh god! Here they are! We're under attack! "#%&GSDGgdsa.............
The Imperial Tie-fighter-squadrons at the Gorbie "Tofee II"  annihillated a Robotic Golem today. We salute all the Tie-pilots that died during this glorious battle. And also Admiral Tarkin, who constructed these battlestations.  But the War is not at end yet. The Robots are foolish enough to send out 2 more Golems, and one Automa that are just waiting to be destroyed, just like their "Thumper" that just died, along with almost 2000 crewmembers. Nobody wins against the Intergalactic Empire (with allies). On the eastern border, the colonies has run into some strange kind of minefields. It looks like they drain our fuel. We are setting our phasers to Wide, and firing at random, to get rid of these small space-monsters that are halting our offensive. The Facists, on the other side, are having no trouble at all, slicing through the remains of the Rebel starfleet. Assisted by a Colonial Gorbie, set at minesweep, their cloakers can harass the enemy at will. Planets:
 Mercs 196
  Wolf 153
  Chams 129
And only 12 turns left. The emperor has left his residence at Hoth, to join the celebration starting in about 10 months.
//Lord Vader, presently in Battlestation "Hyperdragon", stationed at Brooks World.
The Chameleon team has sent in their resignation! But after a heavy verbal bombardment from primarily the Robots, they have agreed to play the remaining 11 turns. The Mercs would have been awarded the victory, if the resignation would have been accepted, but we don't care, cause our SSD's will conquer the enemy anyway. 2 Golems and 2 Automas are running around in Empire space, appearently without a clear goal. Our Gorbies stand-by in orbit over nearby planets, to remove this possible threat before they can do any harm to Empire colonists. The Wolf team seem to have advanced deep into Chameleon (Fed) space. Their homeworld seems to be nearly surrounded by the Chams. If the Fed homeworld falls, the Chams could gain entrance to a vast amount of planets, and increse their score very fast. The last turns will be all but a highway to victory for us...
Turn 54:
It looks like our competitors were not as fierce as we had feared. We have seen no signs of attacks, and we have managed to further extend our lead in planets.  The emperor has arrived with his royal guard, to Delphidia. Now nothing can stop us. This game is over. And it's a MERCENARIES VICTORY! Just 6 turns left, until Mercs first victory will be officially admitted by the LOOSERS! Let's hope that our next opponents (Babylon) gives a little more competition than these lousy players...

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