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Greetings, Commander! And welcome to this outpost. Hope your trip went smoothly, I myself always find coming out of hyperspace a bit disturbing. Anyway, I am Captain SloMo. I am in charge of this space station, and I will be your guide during your inspection of this station. I must admit, I am a little nervous having a Commander here. We seldom have people of your rank here. Or rather, we seldom have people from the Homeworld here.

Anyway, I know you are a very busy man, Commander, and that your missions are many, so I´ll keep this brief. This is a very basic station, and we are far from home, Commander, but we are trying as hard as we can with our limited resources.

If some of you don´t like frames, please click here. The engineering team hopes you appreciate the new looks of the station. Feedback is welcome, and always answered.

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So....What did you think, Commander. If your reports are negative, we might be forced to shut down this outer rim space station, and I´d loose any chance of advancing any further in the Starfleet...Could you perhaps put in a good word for me with the Emperor?

Of course, anything which could make this a better site; comments,
suggestions or files are gladly accepted and encouraged! Just mail to Captain SloMo, but be sure to take caution; the Romulans have been spotted just a few light years from here, and they surely have a cloaker in orbit.

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