Links to VGA Planets hosts:

You leaving already, Commander? Well, here are the coordinates of some other interesting places in our mighty Empire. Don´t forget to use the VGA Planets Webring, if you enjoyed your stay here. There you will find many other interesting sites related to VGA Planets. In honour of Tim, our Overlord, glorious and almighty!

Adm. Hoist´s VGAP Battlestation

Not a major host, but doing a GREAT job. Check out how I´m doing. I won Game Beta, round 2, playing the Romulans. In round 3 I got my ass whooped, playing the Gorn. The game is still going, but the Borg will win :(


HUGE automated host. Has over 200 games.....


A large, good host.

Jurjen Niezink

His Arena Hostings are becoming one of my favorites.

Ted York´s Universe

This site is a host as well as a utilities page. And hey.....Cyberspace WAS better before Netscape and Internet Explorer.......

Links to other VGA Planets related sites:

Tim Wisseman´s Home Page

What can I say? The creator of VGA Planets. Download shareware version, read about VGA Planets 4.0.........

Mercenaries 1776 Teampage!

I am currently involved in a teamgame. This is our team´s official homepage. Check out how we´re doing.

Wolf 359 Page

The Wolf 359 Teamgame homepage. These guys are one of the Mercenaries 1776´s enemies in an ongoing teamgame. We won the last 2 games. Let´s see if they have got any surprises this time.. Very competent guys.

Timo Kreike´s VGA Planets Site

Home of "The Bird Man´s Guide to the Galaxy". Also a lot of .BMP´s and .WAV´s for Planets. Good site.

VGA Planets Halfling Style!

This is a GREAT site for add-ons, utils, everything!

The Gamesters of Triskelion

Lord Krell´s Homepage. This guy´s really REALLY good at Planets. He´s got some .WAV´s and stuff as well. Also Hosting for Expert players in custom games.

The Border Worlds

Some BMP´s and stuff, but espescially very good race specific guides!

Yahoo´s VGA Planets...

Search the Net for VGA Planet goodies yourself!!

VGA Planets 4 FAQ

The FAQ for VGA Planets 4. Read the most common questions. Interesting!

The VGA Planets newsgroup

Read tips, gossip, news and other interesting stuff.

For a complete list of ALL the sites in the VGA Planets Webring, just go here!

Links to sites with absolutely no connection what so ever to
VGA Planets (but kinda cool anyway):

THE Boba Fett Page! - Everything about a legend; Boba Fett!!!

Mags´ Homepage - A friend of mine. He also likes VGA Planets. Hey....This site is in SWENGLISH!! Or rather, it was in swenglish. Now its in english..

And if you feel that really killer link is missing here, just mail me the URL, and perhaps I´ll put it up....