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Mercenaries 1776 Guestbook!

Mercenaries 1776 is a VGA Planets Team that was formed in january 1997. The founders were from 3 different countries, in 3 different parts of the world, with one thing in common:


The Mercenaries 1776:
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Mags - Magnus Andersson, Sweden

IguanaDonn - Neil Catone, USA

SloMo - Lars B. Wahlstrom, Sweden


The name "Mercenaries 1776" is in honor of Adam Smith, who wrote "The wealth of nations" in this year. The U.S. Declaration of Independence is also from this historically important year. Mercenaries 1776 VGA-Planets Team will try to build a strong economic base to able to declare our independence from the competing teams as soon as possible...

The Mercenaries 1776 has so far completed 3 games, of which we have won 2. The last victory was no ordinary victory. It was a real thriller, in which the result was final first on the last turn! The Mercenaries 1776 won by conquering 2 enemy Home Worlds! It seemed we found a nice balance between races, with the Crystals in the defensive role with lots of web mines, the Colonies of Man, with heavy carrier production and minesweeping and the Lizard with their strong economy and 150% bonus in battle. It was the funniest game of VGAP I have ever played, and in Magsīs words: "I never thought I could get so happy for winning a computer game". The other teams; Babylon7 (Robots, Romulans and Evil Empire) & Wolf 359 (Feds, Borg and Rebel) offered great resistance, and besides itīs always fun to play with expert caliber players, which they all are.

Here are the logs for the Mercenaries 1776 previous games:

Game 1 Game 2


The Wolf 359 Main PAge. The Babylon7 team and hosting services. Still have no link to them. They donīt have a webpage, I think.. The Wolf 359 team. About the  great players.

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