New Winplan Alternative Bitmaps!

Ok, in my quest for the ultimate replacement bitmaps for Winplan, I came up with these extra pictures. The Packs I have on my alternative bitmaps page are really nice indeed, but these new ones are a nice change/addition, or whatever...

Many of them are taken from Decipher´s Homepage. They are the company behind the Star Wars and Star Trek customizable cardgames.(Thanks for the tip, Noni..) These, I have modified myself. Other pics are from around the Net. Timo´s Homepage is also big on pics. Anyway, I have made two packs, one for the new ships and one for the other new stuff, such as explosions, incoming messages, race pics and logos and stuff like that.

What you do is simple. All the pics have got their Vpl# name plus a letter(b or c or know..LETTERS ;) Example: "Vpl86b.bmp". What you have to do if you want this instead of your current "Vpl86.bmp" pic is that you simply rename "Vpl86b.bmp" to "Vpl86.bmp" and put it in your Winplan\bmp directory. Done. Enjoy.

If you want the ships, click on the probe(291K). If you want the other stuff, click on Governor Tarkin(680K). Simple, eh?

Oh...and I also have taken the liberty to steal Timo´s excellent Vpl listings. Here are every picture described and what number/name it has. They are:

By category

By number

By number and category

And for all you freaks out there, I´m still missing those really killer picts for:

Small explosions on the VCR.

Vpl72 - Lady Royale Class Cruiser (Privateer & Colonial)

Vpl90 - Quietus Class Cruiser (Cyborg)

Vpl100 - Sky Garnet Class Destroyer (Crystal)

Vpl120 - Cat´s Paw Class Destroyer (Robots)

Vpl123 - Pawn Class Baseship (Robots)

Vpl124 - Iron Slave Class Baseship (Cyborg & Robots)

Vpl128 - Tranquility Class Cruiser (Rebels & Colonies)

Vpl131 - Guardian Class Destroyer (Rebels)

Vpl146 - Sagitarius Class Transport (Rebels & Colonies)

Other than these, I feel I have got a quite nice little collection. If any of you guys out there has any of those or any other cool pics, feel free (and obliged) to mail me.