Utilities and Battlemanuals!

Commander. Meet Jaddar, chief engineer on this space station.

An honor, Commander! You must be weary, after travelling this far into the galxy, so let´s be brief. What can I do for you?

Our shields are down, and all transport channels have been opened, so be welcome to tow home anything which you think could be useful.

This is our space station´s utility storage, and many greedy Ferengi´s have been trying to rob us. Not that I´m surprised, those creatures I have little respect for. So, what´s your choice?

Maybe you would like to master the sneaky skills of the Bird Men? Then this will help.The Bird Mans Guide to the Galaxy is a superb piece of work which leaves almost nothing of Bird Man strategy out. Tow it home now! 47K

Or perhaps you are searching for a wider source of knowledge. Then the Dreadlord´s Battlemanual is a treasure. Here, you will learn many useful things about anything regarding VGA Planets. From how to make your planets flourish to race specific combat. 54K

If general hints is your thing, then maybe you´d like to rob this one too.. VGA Planet Hints is a useful guide to different strategies in your quest for intergalactic supremacy! 47K

If you are looking for quick reference and tables of for example which ships the different races are capable of building, and how much they cost, or how much those 60 Mark 8 torpedoes you will load on your Dark Wing next turn will cost, the Infolist is invaluable. 11K

Looking for a nice little program to take care of factory/mines building, setting tax rates, and more? Also confuse your Bird Man opponent by changing planetary friendly code every turn. This and many other things are possible if you have Randmax 25K

How many of my Dark Wings will it take to take out that damn Starbase? Bsim will tell you! What´s wrong with the built in simulator, then? You might ask. Well...it doesn´t handle Phost. And Bsim is much faster, too. 187K

Want to have total control? Want to be able to track that Golem Class Baseship´s last 8 turns? Echoview is the tool for you! A complete, VERY good mapping utility. It´s a MUST HAVE for serious VGAP gaming. The first program to DL if you want to be succesful playing VGAP. 332K

This is a nice little program for all you lazy bastards out there. Use it to get rid of having to press the totally meaningless "Start" button on the totally meaningless "Start Screen".
A totally meaningless program...15K

All the above programs and manuals are copyright of the respective author.

These programs may not be the latest versions, but I keep ´em on my site to avoid broken links. That´s about as annoying as it gets.. For latest versions of most programs, I highly recommend ShareNet´s VGA Planets or VGA Planets Halfling Style

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