Installation of Java Runtime Environment 

Follow these instructions only if you are a developer or want to have more control over the process. Both the Java environment and the Java executable program are needed. 

Java Runtime Environment

The Java Runtime Environment, JRE,  is supplied by Sun Microsystems Inc. from their site There are many different versions of the JRE that can be downloaded. I use the Standard Edition 1.3.1_03 which is downloaded from (5.1 MB).

If you chose the first alternative, you will get the file j2re-1_3_1_03-win.exe . Save it where you want and run it. If you follow the instructions and select the default alternatives, the file will unpack itself and you get a directory C:\Program\JavaSoft\Jre\1.3.1_03 . In order to run my programs you need to execute the java.exe file in the bin subdirectory, see below.

A full list of java program downloads is found in the sun archive .

ECF program source  code

Download the whole program code and documentation (for users with a Java Development Kit. JDK) from the file .

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