12. Sources

23 October 2005

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  1. How to define sources

1 How to define sources

Sources are start points for flows. Sinks are end points for flows. The sum of all flows from the source equals the source strength (flow).

A source is added to a system by first clicking the source button and then clicking in the diagram drawing area. Flows are connected by dragging the flow connectors over an edge of the symbol.

Figure 1. A source with a total source flow of 4 million worked man-years.

The indicator SF (= source flow) in the figure above shows that a source flow is defined. The flow "Public work" is prescribed. "Private work" is calculated from the equation "Public work + Private work = SF". (SF = 4 Mwmy).

A source properties dialog is opened by right clicking on the source symbol. 

Figure 2. Source properties dialog.

The "Edit Source Flow" button opens the dialog in figure 3 below.
Figure 3. The source flow properties dialog.


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