10. Submodels

02 October 2005

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  1. Submodels

1 Submodels

Sectors can have a complex interior structure. The inner structure is shown as a submodel. 

Figure 1. Sector before adding a submodel.

Right clicking on a sector symbol opens a sector properties window with an "Open submodel" button. 
Figure 2. Sector properties window

Clicking on the "OpenSubmodel" button opens a view in which the submodel can be built. The submodel is empty at first. The flows of the supermodel are shown crossing the frame of the submodel. The label at the top of the frame shows the name of the supersector. Clicking the "Close" label returns to the supermodel.
Figure 3. Empty submodel before adding internal structure.

The submodel may look like the figure below.
Figure 4. Submodel with internal structure. The Process sector is described in the Processes chapter

The external flows can now be seen in the supermodel with flow values (Products Out) calculated from the submodel. Clicking the Open tag at the upper right corner of the sector symbol opens the submodel.
Figure 5. Sector after adding a submodel.


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