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  1. Units
  2. Assigning units to layers.
  3. Selecting units for flows.
  4. Limitations

1 Units

There are three standard sets of units: Currency, Work and Products. They are generated at program start. Future program versions will have the possibility to define own units.

Currency has the units CU (Currency Unit) = 0.001 kCU = 0.000001 MCU = 0.000000001 GCU..
Work has the units wmy (worked man year) = 0.001 kwmy = 0.000001 Mwmy..
Products has the units pmy (produced man year) = 0.001 kpmy = 0.000001 Mpmy.

2 Assigning units to layers

Sets of units are associated with layers by Units dialog opened by the Edit->Units... submenu.

Figure 1 The units dialog.

Select unit for each set of units using the drop down menu. Set maximum display value (using the same unit). Assign a layer index to the set of units. Note: One set of units can be associated to one layer only.

The default units for flows will be the first set associated to that layer. Use the flow dialog (see below) to assign a different set of units (Products instead of Work of layer #2 in the example above).

A set of units can be changed only by first clearing the units of that layer first.

3 Selecting units for flows

Set of units are associated to flows by the flow properties dialog, which is opened by right clicking on the label of a flow path.

Figure 2 Selecting units in the flow properties dialog.

Select the desired set of units from the drop down menu. The other features of the dialog are explained in the Flows chapter.

4 Limitations

User defined units can not be defined by the program. (It is possible to edit the XML file to create own units and then load the file into the program.)

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