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My favourite amateur radio activity is contest. But IŽm still rather new to this and my station is very modest: Kenwood TS940S with an Ameritron AL-1200 amplifier. Antennas include a 2 el Quad for 10-15-20 in a small tower, Butternut HF-2 vertical for 40/80m and a marconi wire (1/4-wave) for 160m. When I do single operator its mainly CW. My favourite single op event is the Scandinavian Activity Contest in September. So remember to point your antennas to Scandinavia then!

As for the CQWW I think its hard to make it the 48 hours as a single OP so IŽll rather do that as part of a multi op team. Last CQWW CW I was part of the SL3ZV multi/multi team mainly as the 10m operator. Still abit tough on 10m up here at this time of the year etc but was a nice experience.

Anyway, will try to bring some contest related information on this page, hope you enjoy it!

Contest stations descriptions

Band by band descriptions of antennas, rigs, amps etc for 379 DX and 727 US/Canada contest stations. Its the K7ZO Contest Descriptions Files. The information is from postings to the 3830 scores reflector and its updated per dec -97. Use the page search tool of you browser to search for particular call signs (like Ctrl+F). Here they are (3 parts):
DX (non-US) stations

US/Canada call areas 1,2,3 and 4

US/Canada call areas 5,6,7,8,9 and 0

Please standby a few seconds for loading the pages (size about 100kB each)!

What is your Power?

This is recorded at SM3OSM during the ARRL SSB a couple of years ago. I believe it was on 15 m. Remember, in the ARRL you are supposed to give your power as contest message, instead of those serial numbers etc. Sometimes abit confusing for the for the "001:ers" calling you! The OH station was coming in quite well here with some kind of shortskip. DidnŽt get the call sign of the US station - maybe some of you out there can identify him? And I wonder if they ever made it? power.ra (Real Audio 107kB)

SM3CER Contest Service

These pages are always under construction. Come back soon!

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