Some photos from the new SK3GW contest station, at SM3SGPs QTH. We try to keep these pages updated regularly so come back for more later as the work progresses. Take a look at the do-list at SK3GW home page!

Work during the summer of 1997!
Finnmasten (November 1997)!
Antennas and towers (January 24th 1998)!
The 80m tree antenna and more (February 15th 1998)
ARRL CW Weekend (February 20-22 1998)
The Ericsson Tower May 1-2 1998 (part 1)
The Ericsson Tower May 1-2 1998 (part 2)
More on the Ericsson Tower (May 9th 1998)
The 3-el 40m yagi part 1 (May 21-24 1998)
The 3-el 40m yagi part 2 (May 21-24 1998)

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