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This is the QTH of SK3GW with the 42m rotating tower in the summer of -97

This is what the tower looks like in november 1997:

42 meter rotateable tower

A close-up view of the lower details of the tower. Some important parts are still missing in these pictures.

Guess we need some antennas too!

SM3SGP working on a 5 el for 20

SM3KIF/Ewe and SM3OSM/Tommy doing some work on a 5-el 20m antenna.

They are soooo cute in those helmets!

SM5IMO/Dan also helping out with the antennas. SM3SGP/Gus trying to feed us after all the hard work.

SM3GUE/Mats is the engineer of this project.


SM3LBN/Håkan is taking a well-deserved rest while SM3HHI/Risto and SM3SGP/Gus are discussing packet radio.

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