The Utility Page

Here are some services on the Web that might be of use. They are more or less amateur radio related. Hope you enjoy them!

HF Propagation Maps

I just recently found out about these maps and I'm still learning how to use them! The aurora information is important to us here up north, when the green aurora line is coming south that means bad news for HF propagation. Nice color world maps and they are updated regularly.

Sunrise/Sunset calculation

Compute sunrise or sunset for any location on the earth. Interactive world or US map. By Paul Lutus at

OH2BUA Web Cluster

This is a great service by OH2BUA in Finland providing DX-spots and WWV-info from the worldwide internet clusters.
Also try the WD5B Web-DX spot database. It has a larger searchable database of previous spots.

G4ZFE Morse Code simulator

Want to know what CW sounds like? This is a code simulator. Write some text and you get it returned as morse code from your PC speakers. By G4ZFE.

Web controlled HF receiver
A WEB controlled shortwave radio!

Listen to shortwave radio on the Web! This receiver is located in Virginia, USA. A nice way to test your station and see if you are heard over there!

What is amateur radio?

Maybe some of you wonder by now what amateur radio is all about. This might be the place to find out. If you know some Swedish you can also try!

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