DX cluster is an information network using amateur packet radio. It has been around for about 10 years now and it's main purpose is to announce DX spots among radio amateurs. Lets say if I hear some rare signals on the bands I can use the DX Cluster to let the world know... You can also use it to send talks (chat) or mail messages, information services etc. If you are an active radio amatuer this might be something for you!

SK3GK-6 is a local DX cluster node located at SM3OSM in Storvik, covering the Sandviken and Gävle area. We are part of a cluster network within SM (Sweden) and sometimes parts of OH (Finland) and LA (Norway) are linked. We usually have about 10-20 local users connected to SK3GK-6 and something like 100-200 total users.

The cluster node software runs here on an old 386-40 PC with 2 DRSI PCPA-2 TNC cards. The user frequency is 144550 kHz in the 2m amateur radio band. The output RF power is about 40-50 Watts to the ARX-2B antenna. We also have a couple of frequencies in the 430 Mhz band for network connecting.

To connect to a cluster node you need to be QRV on VHF packet radio. What you need is a 2m FM radio, a TNC (its a packet radio modem) and a nearby DX cluster node (like SK3GK-6).

Click here for a list of commands at SK3GK-6!

View the SK3GK-6 DX Spot statistics

A list of DX Clusters in Sweden

There are also some worldwide DX Clusters that you can access through internet, try:


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The Packet Cluster home page

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Some of the users at SK3GK-6 and neighbour nodes. Maybe some familiar calls?
   Node                       Connected stations
SK3GK-6         (SM3OSM)      SM3KOR      SM3HJN      SM3RPK      SM3GUE
                  SM3WIS      SM3LBN      SM3MXR      SM3UFF      SM3KIF
                   SK3GW      SM3SGP      SM3OKC      SM3CBR    (SM3ULC)
(SK3BG-6)       (SM3OAU)      SM3JOS      SM3EVR      SM3GQP      SM3ESX
                  SM3UQS    (SM3CXS)      SM3AFR      SM3DXC
SK3AH-6           SM3DMP      SM3DTR      SM3VES      SM3IQN      SM3AFT
                  SM3EKD       SM3RL
(SK2DR-6)         SM2EKM      SM2JKZ      SM2CEW
SK2AT-6         (SM2AQT)      SM2SUM      SM2CKR      SM2LIY      SM2VHD
SM3ESS-6          SM3VEE      SM3JGG
SK4BW-6           SM4HCM    (SM4VZN)
(SK0AR-6)       (SM0FWW)      SM0BKZ    (SM5CZY)    (SM5AHK)      SM0AJU
                   SM5JE      SM5EIT    (SM5BXP)      SM0BHT      SM0DJZ
                  SM5CZK      SM0CCM      SM5BDA       SL0ZG    (SM5DXB)
(SK0VF-6)         SM0OEK  (SM0OEK-1)      SM0RUX
(SM3BDZ-6)      LA3WAA-1      SM3CVM

This is what my screen looks like when Im monitoring the cluster computer. It is located down in the basement here and is connected through the COM ports to my own computer upstairs. So this DOS window is just a replica of the cluster screen down there...

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