~Goddess of love~

Welcome to the great resource center about the ancient worlds. Take your time and read the information about me and my interest in Ancient history. The information I have on this site is taken from my books and from the internet sites that you can find on the links-page I hope you enjoy your stay and that you will appreciate the hard work i've done with this site.

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The different sections you can find here are:

News: Here I inform you about the updates i've done lately. I also inform you a bit about what's going on in my life at university and in general.

Ancient Worlds: This is where you can find the more historical information about the different geographical areas that existed during antiquity. There are also links forward to the picture pages and other important pages on my web site that I recommend.

My studies: Here you can read about why I recommed for people to study. I also tell you what it's like to study ancient cultures at university.

My Awards: This is where you can find the awards i've received. I win awards when people look at my page and find it so interesting that they want to support me by sending me an award.

About Me: Some short information about who I am. What I like to do and so on.

-Ola Nilsson-