The Great White

(Carcharadon Carcharias)

The Great White shark is the biggest and most terrifying of all sharks. I don't think that anyone knows how big it can become, but the largest White shark that ever been captured measured over 6 meters in length and weighed over 2600 kg, it was caught in a net outside South Africa's coast. This animal is on the absolute top of the foodchain and it has only one enemy, the humans. These magnificent creatures are most common in waters near Australia, outside USA:s coasts, South America and South Africa. The coast outside California, USA, has the highest number of attacks by the Great White. From year 1950 to 1982 there were 1.3 attacks each year by this shark. Even though several millions of people take a swim every day the sharkattacks are few in number, more people get killed every year because of a mosquitobites. The Great White´s natural food is seals, and sea-lions etc. When a White shark is looking for food it swims several meters under the surface and when it spots a seal it explodes in an attack to cause so mutch injuries as possible to avoid the risk of getting injured itself. Sometimes the victom may manage to escape even with bad injuries, but it often leads to a certain death. The injuries that a Great White can cause do to a sea-lion or a seal with one attack proves that there is no question why this shark is on the top of the foodchain.



This pictures gives us an idea about how big the Great White really are. It isn´t strange that we fear this animal, perhaps more than any other creature. Imagine to be in that cage with this animal just outside......






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