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Johannes Haglund's
Welcome to my homepage!

"Om man tog och mördade alla rubriksättare så skulle kanske en sådan sak äntligen omnämnas i pressen med lagom små bokstäver" - Tage Danielsson

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The "So who is this guy?" Section

I bet that some of you are wondering right now: "So who the heck is this Johannes Haglund bloke?" Well, I live in Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden, and I am 19 years old. The rest, I think you can figure out by watching the contents of my homepage. Happy surfing!

Computers and Video games Section

This section of my homepage is dedicated to all the users of one of the most wonderful computers ever built - The Apple Macintosh!

Everybody hail the nostalgics!
Just as other people collect stamps, cards, small plastic models or rocks, I collect computers. Look here.

HTML Section

Do you have have trouble writing web-pages in HTML? Can't you stand stuff like Adobe PageMill or Claris Homepage? Are you seeing HREF:s and FRAMESET:s in your nightmares? Then contact me! For a small fee I will design you page for you (with your wishes to guide me, of course)! I can handle HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, tables, frames, JavaScript, various Plug Ins, animated GIF:s, and more! Just E-mail me, and we'll get cracking!

Music Section

Some info about various groups and artists.

Just D - A Swedish pop band with very... special lyrics.

"Weird Al" Yankovic
If you don't know it, this guy makes parodies of other songs, and some own song as well. The special thing about him is that the lyrics are always completely off the wall!

Paradox - This is a band I've started that makes parodies of other songs (much like Weird Al, but in Swedish.

I am actually a quite good singer myself.
Some songs I have made and recorded on tape include Knäpplåten, Blaffan, and Seglarlåten. The two first I made in fourth grade with my teacher/assistant Benny Karlsson (Tjenare Benny!), and the last I made together with Stefan Dellenborg from Kosmopoliterna, and a couple of other guys.

I have also performed live on stage a couple of times, since I was about eight years old. I have also performed live with Kosmopoliterna three times, singing their songs Music and Keychild.

I am interested in joining a band of some kind. I can't play any instruments very good, but everybody says that I am a great singer, and that I have a good musical ear. Please try me out.

Here's some other good artists and groups:

Bomb the Bass

Have you ever played a game on a Commodore 64? Remember all the music in those games? You wish you could hear them again? Well you can! With PlaySID, all those tunes are there for your listening pleasure. And remember, they don't come any better than Monty on the run!

Do you like video game music? I do, so I've created a little page with music from just video games. Check it out.

Comics and Comedy Section

Urusei Yatsura - one of the best comics ever. Beutiful space alien Lum falls for the girlchaser Ataru. There's no end to all wierd situations in Urusei Yatsura!

Ranma 1/2 - even better than Urusei Yatsura! Ranma is an ordinary karate-training guy... until he gets wet. Then he becomes a girl!

Calvin and Hobbes - the best american comic there is.

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Scripts - This is a project of mine wich I work on in my spare time. If you like the book, or have heard the radio series, you may want to check it out.

Red Dwarf MP3 Page - This page has MP3 files from and about the british science fiction-comedy series Red Dwarf, hence the name..

Links Section

The Ultimate Animanga Archive - The best place for anime pictures.

Inte ens Ekot är felfritt... - Hilarios fun bloopers from the Swedish radio news program Ekot. I have never laughed so much at one web-page!

Super PLAY - The best and biggest swedish video games mag.

Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition - Here you can get any information you want about the updated versions of these classic movies!

Hotline - Better than FTP! Get this software gem NOW!

Fasttracker 2 & Playstation - That's what this page is about. Here you can find a couple of great XM songs!

Mangakai - Swedens largest manga-club.

GameStation - The best video games and computer store in Sweden.

The Right Stuf - A company that sells Anime. If they don't have what you're looking for, it probably doesn't exist.

Ushio and Tora - One of the best Animes I've seen. Great music too.

Rånartjänst i Kiruna - Important information for all Swedes who own a TV set. The best site for info about music in the popular mp3-format.

Brag Section

Other homepages I have created and contributed to (in chronological order):

Slottsbergsgymnasiet - This is my old school.

Kosmopoliterna - One of the greatest rock n' roll bands ever!

Tokfransarna väbb - Some sick humor in swedish by me and some of my buddies.

Morbus Gravis Lindemani - My tribute to the greatest swedish comedy genius of all time, Hasse Alfredsson, and his creation, Lindeman.

The MacMAME Neo Geo Repository - A site full of info about the Neo Geo emulation part in MacMAME.

Updated 98/12/01 by Johannes Haglund

If you have any suggestions, feedback, or just want to get in touch with me, E-mail me at

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