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RAVE Acceleration

With the release of 0.35b10, MacMAME gained the ability to display the game graphics through any 3D acceleration hardware you may have. It supports these three different 3D systems, Glide, RAVE and OpenGL. Since Glide is specific for 3dfx-based cards, and I don't have one, and OpenGL is still in beta and incredibly slow, I will focus on the RAVE acceleration. All G3 PowerMacs have RAVE support, through the in-built ATI Rage chip. I myself have a rev. B iMac, and a Rage Pro with 6 megs of video memory.

Advantages of RAVE Acceleration
What RAVE Acceleration does is it takes the display data produced by MacMAME, and runs it through the RAVE hardware. This makes the resulting picture to fit the entire screen, and, if you want to, use a techique called Bilinear filtering to smooth out the picture, making it look a lot less jaggy, and, in my opinion, better.

Problems with RAVE Acceleration
In b12, this feature was greatly improved, but it's still not perfect.

  • MacMAME's own screenshot routines don't work. You have to use a third-party utility like Snapz Pro to take screenshots.

Aero Fighter 2 (1024*768)
King of Fighter '98 (640*480)

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