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Welcome, as of September 1998 this site has
been completely redesigned and several new
features have been added.
I've kept the same black background because
it's both stylish and easy on the eyes.
(And I kinda like dark colors ^_^)
But all buttons and layout has been changed,
as well as the logo. Some new GFX has also
been added and some old have been removed.
That annoying link scroller has also been
removed, since I've received several complaints
about it producing a lot of Java errors.
If you are a frequent visitor, then you should
easily recognize the changes.
I've also added a bulletin board for news
about updates and stuff, as well as shrinked
the size of the page so that people using with
resolution lower than 800x600 wont have to
scroll sideways. However, people using a higer
setting might experience it as looking very
small. Sorry about that, but one can't have
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since January 18 - 1998.

Bulletin Board

  • New Design!!!
    Completely new design. Everything from
    layout to GFX to codes have been changed.

  • Forever Love
    The extremely long theme song from the
    long feature anime X - The Movie is currently
    being tracked. The work has, of and on, been
    going on for over four months now, so you can
    expect an extremely well made cover.

    This archive will shortly become part of the
    much bigger, forthcoming,
    It is still unclear if this archive will be
    moved to a new location and totally emerged
    into, or just become an external
    part of it.

  • Next update
    It is still unclear when the
    next update will be ready.
    But several songs are
    under construction.

  • New Features
    Several new features will
    be added as this archive
    continue to expand.
    Such items as polls, CGI
    based mail forms, and
    much more.

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